I remember when I was a little girl, sitting on my grandmother’s bed and going through her jewelry box. She told me stories of how she acquired her pieces, what she loved about them and we’d talk forever about gemstones. On one of her many international trips, she returned from Brazil with a nifty box of gemstones… rough rocks and each sat in its own little section with the name. I still have it to this day. My grandmother also taught me so much more, but that’s a different story.

I’m an artist and designer at heart. Whether it’s drawing, painting, interior design or making jewelry, I love to create.

Fast forward to 1998, I moved to Boston with my job and looking for a creative outlet, I started making jewelry in my city condo while hibernating in the winters. I was obsessed! I became a gemstone junkie. Soon after, Studio 518 Designs was born and has flourished into a growing business. After getting married, I moved my studio to Plymouth and near the scenic ocean. I continue to learn and am furthering my diamond & gemstone knowledge by taking courses through GIA.

My inspiration comes from nature and the inherent beauty of gemstones. I use only the finest hand-selected precious metals, genuine precious & semi-precious stones, pearls, and minerals. My jewelry reflects the artful blend of both current fashion and a timeless elegance for all occasions.

My work has been featured in The Boston Globe Magazine, worn by a Boston media entertainment reporter, sold in shops and galleries around New England and is adorned by a growing number of women worldwide.